Hardscape / Landscape Installer

As a Hardscape/Landscape Installer you’ve shown the competence and work ethic required to make it as a hardscaper/landscaper. You’ve learned the basics and built the framework for your understanding of hardscape and landscape installation concepts. 

You should know what tools are required and where to find them in the trailer. You are able to prepare them at the beginning of the work day and store them in their proper spot at the end of the day.

Understand paint markings for excavation, electrical, fiber optic lines.

Know how to read a level and how to determine acceptable slope on interlocking paver projects. You’ll also need to know how to use a measuring tape confidently and accurately.

Start and run the mini track loader to move materials and load trucks without damage.  

Start and run the track buggy to move materials around the job site.

Start and run any other small, stand-on equipment on the job site.

Assist in setting string lines to find square or using the layout station.

Install base materials like 3/4 clear gravel for retaining walls and/or walkway and patio construction.

Assist in setting screed bars set by the Foreman and screed base material for paver and slab installations.

Competently run compaction equipment and be able to tell when a base is sufficiently packed.

Install edge restraint and polymeric joint sand on projects as directed.

Stack retaining wall block using proper locking mechanisms and ensure that seams in the wall are staggered. Apply construction adhesive correctly.

Accurately use a cut-off saw or table saw to cut pavers and caps.

Operate company vehicles and hook-up and tie-down machinery for transportation. 

In order to reach the next job title, you will be required to demonstrate all of the skills required of a Hardscape/Landscape Foreman. 

Job Category: Hardscaping
Job Type: Full Time

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