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From a Dream Car to Your Dream Backyard

 Trey always had a dream of running his own business as a kid. His dad was one of his heros growing up and was in the landscape industry. Trey knew from a young age that something in the landscape industry was going to be his profession, just like his dad. From the Ground Up was born when Trey had his eyes set on a car and needed to build up the funds for it. He gathered a few of his buddies and started doing small residential landscape jobs while in high school. He raised the funds he needed for the car and then the rest is history! 

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Owner And Founder, Trey Chilcoat

Trey started From the Ground Up in 2008 while still in High School at Susquehannock. An avid soccer player, Trey went to PSU to continue his soccer career and then moved his wife and first son to VA to work for one of the largest commercial landscape companies in the country. Wanting to be closer to family and home, he moved back and began a career with Kinsley Construction. Beginning as a Project Engineer and working his way up to Project Management, Trey learned all of the ins and outs of construction and building. While working his full time job and juggling a wife and 4 kids, Trey was running From the Ground Up. He decided to “dive into the deep end” and take his childhood dream to the next level and do this as a full time profession. With his years of experience in outdoor living and construction, Trey has used his knowledge to push From the Ground Up to the next level. Trey still lives locally with his wife Samantha (his middle school sweetheart) and their 4 kids (Camdyn, Jase, Cooper and Wrenley). Along with founding and running From The Ground Up, Trey and his family started a youth racing team, Chilcoat Racing. The team focuses on quarter midget racing and currently all three sons are on the team and following their dreams. 

Joe Bond

Joe started with the team in 2021 and came with a vast amount of experience in hardscape installs and commercial landscape planting. Joe is the crew leader of our larger hardscape crew and also helps oversee the other crews . Joe is an avid hunter and enjoys spending time in the woods. Joe and his wife, Sterling have a daughter named Scarlett. You will find Joe singing all types of music on the jobsites and maybe even a Disney song that his daughter Scarlett has gotten stuck in his head! Joe has made a massive impact since joining our team and we cannot thank him enough for coming on board! 

Brian Brown

Brian joined the team in early 2023. He came to us with over 35 years of construction experience. From running multi million dollar commercial construction projects to renovating a house, there is very little that Brian cannot do with a hammer and a nail! Brian currently is running our construction team and is the one who figures out how to build those breathtaking designs that Trey dreams up. When he is not working, Brian enjoys spending time with his family which includes his four grandkids. You may also find him teaching his grandkids how to hunt/fish or passing on his building knowledge to them. 

Josh Topper

Josh started with our team in the summer of 2023. He randomly saw us installing a pool patio near his house and decided he would walk up and see what we were all about! From that point on Josh has been an asset to our team. He has a vast background in the construction/excavation industries and loves the hardscape side of things. There is no machine Josh cannot run and he is the man to make sure our excavations are done properly and efficiently. 

Josh Nuce

Josh started with us in the spring of 2023. He comes with a decade of landscaping and hardscaping experience as well as owning his own hardscape business. From the day he started our team made a big leap forward. Every crew leader knows that a great second person make all the difference. Josh and Joe were the ones to make all of our hardscape projects happen in 2023. Josh has a bright future with our team and we look forward to him jumping back into the saddle and running his very own hardscape crew in 2024. 

Zac Holtzinger

Zac started with us in the fall of 2023. He was one of the original members that Trey started the business with, but left for a few years to continue his passion in the automotive industry. He has rejoined the team as our inhouse mechanic and logistics expert. Zac is the man behind the scenes making sure the machines and trucks stay running and that they make it to your jobsite before our crews arrive. Zac is a newly wed this year and enjoys spending time with his wife Megan. When not at work, you can find Zac spending time with friends and family as well as helping out the Chilcoat Racing team. 

Industry Affiliations


Our most exciting industry affiliation is with the powerhouse company of Dewalt. From the Ground Up has been purchasing and using Dewalt products for years. This was driven by the need for a great dependable tool and the ability to interchange tools with one battery platform. A few years back, DeWalt reached out the Trey and asked if From the Ground Up would be interested in taking a look at some new products and giving a professional review. Since then, we have tested many products, most have not even hit the market yet! Some of these products are still under design and are super secretive, but trust us when we say that they will change the game! DeWalt and From the Ground Up are two companies that strive to do better every day and this is one of the many reasons we work together so well.


Here at From the Ground Up we have the need for multiple different types of machines. Everyday we are running multiple skid loaders, mini skid loaders and excavators. We heavily rely on the two best equipment companies around, Caterpillar and Bobcat. Not only do we love their equipment, but we have made strong personal connections with the staff at both local branches. They may sell brand name equipment, but the local dealers are all locally owned and operated.  

Keel Mar Landscape Supply

Locally owned and operated, From the Ground Up relies on the excellent customer service and highest quality materials that Keel Mar supplies. From mulch and sand to pavers and natural stone, they have it all! Stop by one of their three local stores and take a look around, their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help in anyway they can. 


Design aficionados at heart, Techo-Bloc’s product line is known for elevating exterior design by creating landscape stones that push the boundaries of functionality, durability and aesthetics.s. Their products span lifetimes and are engineered to endure the harshest weather.